Registration and Fees

Springwood & Districts Basketball now uses the Sports TG (formerly Fox Sportingpulse) online competition and registration management platform.

Primary Registration Fees

To register as a member CLICK HERE

All players in all competitions / programs (except Aussie Hoops) MUST hold a current membership with Springwood & Districts Basketball Association

All player memberships are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Registration fees may be paid on site or online.

Senior: $125.00 (members turning 18 on or before 31 Dec)

Junior: $95.00 (members 12–17 on or before 31 Dec)
$60.00 (members 8 – 11 on or before 31 Dec)

Aussie Hoops: see here for more information

Secondary Registration Fees

To register click here  

Members of other basketball associations where they have already paid registration fees (‘primary registration’) may pay secondary registration (affiliation) to participate in the activities of Springwood and Districts Basketball Association.

$50.00 per season
$15.00 per month

Secondary registration is only permitted up to the expiry date of a primary registration or the end of a competition, whichever comes first.

Proof of primary registration must then be provided to the office, by email or fax, within three working days.

Teams found to have played with a player lacking a current primary registration will incur penalties.