Mens Comp – Duty Roster Thurs. 3 Sept

Duty Allocation:
The first team mentioned on the draw will be required to carry out duty for the next game (on the court which you have just played).
The following exception to this rule applies to the 18:50 timeslot: whereby the
first mentioned team on the draw provides duty for the 18:00 timeslot; and the second mentioned team must provide duty for the 19:40 game.

Mens Competition – Duty Roster 3 September 2015
  Court 1   Court 2
6.00pm Eagles Killabeez
6.50pm Makka Pakkas Snail Blazers
7.40pm Fistons Schmucks
8.30pm Triple 0 Better on X-Box
9.20pm Shawn Kemp Kids Nothing But Net