Policies & Procedures

All but one of the policies and procedures of Springwood and Districts Basketball Association are governed by Basketball NSW. You can read them by visiting the Basketball NSW website.

They include:

  • Health
  • Child Protection
  • Safety Issues
  • Behaviour
  • Member Protection
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Disability
  • Risk Management

Resources from BNSW


Code of Conduct – Players, coaches, referees and parents are bound by the Basketball NSW Code of Conduct. These can be found by clicking on the link.

Zero Tolerance Policy is available from the BNSW website

Our blood policy includes special provision for the type of floor treatment in the Blaxland High School stadium. Since bleach may not be used in the Scorchers’ stadium our Blood Procedures, in addition to those of Basketball NSW, require cleaning of blood from the floor by other means.




Communication policy

Spectator behaviour


Insurance Procedures: