U16W 2018 Winter Competition Teams

The U16W 2018 Winter Competition will begin Monday 30 April.

Games – 30 April

6pm             Wycliffe Wolves   -v-  Misfits

Sonic Pandas   -v-  The Angles

Bye                Piranhas

Invoices for court fees ($140) will be sent out shortly. Court fees are due 21 May 2018.

U16W Teams:

Wycliffe Wolves – G Blackwood, A Dobson, E Edwards E, E Gee, M Gee, E Maddock, E Senivatalala

Sonic Pandas – K Fox, M O’Connor-Hurney, B Parker, L Tinker, I Turbill, T Wakeford, P Webb

Misfits – T Aitchison, Z Aitchson, T Ali, Z Ali, H James-New, S Rafter, K Wood

The Angels – T De Silva, A Hurley, I Kotarski, L Lambert, R Stockill, M Ward

Piranhas – A Doherty, E Manewell, C Skelly, C White, K White, S Smith, M Urquhart